The Long Version

Amanda Garrigus in an Olima Dress

I used to be a miniskirt girl. Full stop. I mean, if you’ve got stems you like, why not keep them in full view? At all times. Here’s one reason. Because all minis all the time are too one note. Here’s another, even better reason… Because long skirts and dresses are sumptuous and luxurious and can bring a whole new level of drama and delight to the wearer and the observer. So a few years ago I started going long. This dress by Olima (yes, I’ve been favoring him lately, but who can blame me?!), is everything. There’s nothing I don’t love about it. Matte jersey, weighty, cut to perfection, fluid-as-you-wanna-be and just the right amount of glow. I still love my minis but they’re no longer my default. The maxis have captured my imagination, and I bet if you go long, you’ll fall for them too.

With love,


Amanda Garrigus Olima Dress for the Holidays

Amanda Garrigus in a purple backless dress

Amanda Garrigus Olima Dress and Sergio Rossi Shoe

Amanda Garrigus dress with front pleating

Amanda Garrigus Maroon pleated dress and a bold lip

Amanda Garrigus in Olima Atelier

Amanda Garrigus wearing Olima long jersey gown

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