Bedroom Closet Confessions

Amanda Luttrell Garrigus Bedroom Closet

As we dive into 2017, I thought I’d begin by sharing a few of my favorite things. Well, one thing in particular. My bed. Ok two. My bed and my closet. They’re both brand new, the results of months of home renovation madness (I’ll be posting some awesome before and after pics as soon as we’ve added the finishing touches), and they were ever so worth it. I literally can’t get enough. Our new king size bed boasts a classic custom upholstered headboard with gorgeous metal studs and my new closet? Let’s just say it brings me no end of joy to open the lovely doors to see my beloved clothes beautifully illuminated and neatly hanging from brass rods. It’s my dream come true and it’s why I’ve been spending a lot more time in my bedroom lately. Oh I will emerge eventually, fully clothed and ready to face this mad mad world head on. But maybe first, just a few minutes (and a few selfies) more.

With love,


Amanda Luttrell Garrigus Bedroom Closet moment

Amanda Garrigus shoe closet selfie from her bed

Amanda Luttrell Garrigus Bedroom Confessions

Amanda Luttrell Garrigus Bed Detail

In bed with Amanda Luttrell Garrigus

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